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The Mission of the Whitsett Foundation has always been to find and create treatments to give hope and the promise of recovery to those who currently have none of returning to a normal productive life.  Hundreds of thousands USA and World Citizens suffer from Orphan Diseases - Lupus, Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS), MS, Sjogrens, Sicca Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Organ Dysfunction, Memory Impairment, Lack of adequate Blood Oxygen Supply, Hyper-Lipodemia, and a long list of Neurological Medical Immune Complications - brought about by the presence of Immune Resistent and Toxic Materials in the Body and Blood Chemistry. These Immune Resistent matrerials are introduced by ingestion, absorbtion, inhaling, injection, ruptured and leaking medical devices and bring about an Immune Dysfunction found in Orphan Disease creation.
The 911 Early Responders, Agent Orange, Mad Hatters, Ruptured/Leaking Silicone Implant recipients,are amoung the women, men, children who suffer from Orphan Diseases. Before her untimely passing of her Beautiful Gifted Spirit, Carol Sanders Whitsett established the Whitsett Foundation to fund, establish, operate a Whitsett Foundation Clinic dedicated to the creation/application/use of a treatment/cure to remove Immune Resistent and Toxic Materials from the Body and Blood Chemistry. The presence of these materials created a diagnosis of Orphan Diseases - Lupus, Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS), Sjogrens, Sicca Syndrome, Organ Dysfunction, Memory Impairment, Lack of Adequate Blood Oxygen Supply. Carol was an Eli Lilly National Merit Scholar, an Award that was given to her in recognition of Valedictorian Graduation from the Un., of Houston College of Pharmacy. Because of this recognition, she was able to established a relationship with a group of Immunology and Toxic Material Medical Professionals to find/create/implement a medical treatment "Tissue Cleansing" which assists in the removal of these materials from the Body and Blood Chemistry. Unfortunately, she passed her Beautiful Spirit before she could personally participate in this treatment.  The Ultimate Goal of the Foundation is to apply for, complete a (40 Member) FDA/NIH Research study to verify the effectiveness of "Tissue Cleansing" and allow for Insurance coverage of the Treatment.

Before Carol passed her Beautiful Gifted Spirit to the Kingdom of GOD, she stated "I am convinced that GOD did not put me on this earth to wither away and die as an emasculated human being.  HE blessed me with a Heart and Mind to use in assisting the well being of my fellow Ladies and others who currently have no hope of returning to a normal productive life. Please help me succeed. You will be honored and publicized for your generousity. I know that GOD will bless you and those that you love and value. I and over Hundreds of Thousands Ladies and others who suffer from Suppressed  Immune Function related diseases, will forever be in your debt. All of my Love, Gratitude, and Best Wishes. Please remember our cause in your prayers" 

Fund Raising Goal - $3.5 Million The Foundation needs to raise $2.5 million to locate, equip, train, staff, and operate a "Tissue Cleansing" Clinic which will treat, serve, and verify the effectiveness of this treatment in removing Immune Resistent Materials, chemicals, toxic bi-products, from the body and blood chemistry of thousands of GOD's women, men, and children who currently have no hope of returning to a normal productive life. The largest use of these funds will be  needed to complete the (40 member) FDA/NIH Research Grant to verify and certify the research effectiveness which will then allow for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance coverage. The Second Funding of $700,000 will be used to create an Endowed Chair at a University of the donors choice to continue research on recognizing and designating additional Orphan Medical Complications for treatment by the Clinic. The Third Funding of $106,000 is for the annual operation of the Whitsett Foundation. Locating, Staffing, furnishing, equipping, and operation of the Foundation Offices.  Updating internet presence, creating progress reports for the Clinic and Research  Chair, promotional, and fund raising efforts. The Executive Director will serve as the Chief Operating Officer for all functions of the Clinic, Research Chair, and ongoing operational fund raising.  The Fourth Funding of $194,000 will be used to create an Endowment Fund which will be used for non-budgeted cost of maintenance, equipment replacement, upgrades, insurance, and special promotions as needed.  

Please be Generous as Thousands of 911 Early Responders, Agent Orange Recipients, Ruptured Medical Device Patients, Millions in Third World Countries who have to use contaminated drinking water, those who have ingested, inhaled, absorbed, Immune Resistent Materials into their Body and Blood Chemistry are counting on you generousity to be their only hope of returning to Normal Productive Life. In the memory of CAROL SANDERS WHITSETT, we conclude with the signature for her Foundation...............


May the Love, Spirit, Life, and Dedication of CAROL SANDERS WHITSETT never be forgotten 

Contributions can be made payable to:

Carol Sanders Whitsett Foundation

C/O Bank of America

P.O. Box 27578

Houston, Texas 77227-7578

Terry F. Mosser


1.713.977.5259 (0FFICE)

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